What We Do

We allow fixed-odds and pari-mutuel betting on various sporting events including primarily football and basketball, on electronic platforms and through dealers.

Risk Management

The risk management centre comprised of an expert and specialized team will determine the betting ratios for sports events. The ratio determination requires high level of experience and knowledge and is carried out via advance algorithms, systems and applications.


Technological operations will be carried out by the Central Betting System via its qualified and expert personnel. The Central Betting System is an integrated infrastructure, hardware and software system which ensures uninterrupted and online integration of around 4900 dealers and 6 electronic betting shops and requires high technology and knowledge.

Customer Services

Call centre service will be provided 7 days a week for all dealers and bettors for ensuring uninterrupted operations and customer satisfaction.


Advertising and promotional activities (activities such as TV, radio, printed media, direct marketing, sponsorships, etc.) will be carried out in order to provide marketing communication for the brand iddaa.

Distribution and Dealers

Sales support is provided to around 4900 dealers in 81 provinces and 6
electronic betting shops via teams constituted across Turkey